Age: 4
Provincial Riding: Stormont - Dundas - South Glengarry
Zoey was diagnosed at 2 years, 7 months with severe autism and global developmental delay. She is four years old now and has the most contagious smile! She can light up a room with her laughter. Despite her inability to talk, she has learned to express herself by showing us what she needs or wants. This was not always the case. We spent many days, long nights and hours trying to work through melt-downs because she was unable to communicate with us. She is an affectionate and happy little girl with so much to offer. We work with her and provide as much private therapy as we can afford, but she still needs help. Zoey is non-verbal and not potty trained. Right now she has a shared EA between three classes. Through no fault of the school, she needs so much more help than can be provided to help her learn basic skills. With all the cuts to funding for therapy and cuts in the schools, I fear she will be left behind. Receiving therapy can mean the difference between her talking or not, being an independent, contributing member to society or forever relying on it. She deserves the chance to thrive.

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