Age: 5
Provincial Riding: Stormont - Dundas - South Glengarry
Xavier was diagnosed on his third birthday. It took us one year to get the help and documentation we needed going through CHEO. We had an amazing doctor who was extremely thoroughly. It took time, but eventually we made our way to the genetics department and confirmed that Both Xavier and I have a genetic abnormality called P-Ten. To my knowledge, we are the only family in SDG counties with this. What it means is that Both of us have the ability to grow cancerous and non cancerous tumors, which now means for the rest of our lives we have screening we take part in to be early to any potential diagnosis not when it's a Stage 4 problem.

( https://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/gene/PTEN )

Xavier is 5 Years old, An amazing boy who loves to be affectionate with the right person, Artistic and observant can spin annnnnnything. Because of his Diagnosis, Autism, P-Ten, and a Global Delay ( he's also mostly non verbal but has GREAT body language) Xavier has just started School this year and thanks to his worker has gotten to go to daycare prior to that to help with his ability to transition better. Xavier Struggled quite a bit, but without the assistance at daycare, he would have had an even more difficult time transitioning into school. The school he goes to recognized the need and has a small class size for the extraordinary children to get the speech and Occupational therapy they need. When needed they have also called in the ABA therapist.

That's 1 speech, OT and ABA therapist for the school board. instead of cuts, the government should be providing more roles like these. They teach our teachers how to help our children. If class sizes increase, the teachers are then going have to many kids to be able to help kids in need. Teachers are our front line folks who recognize needs we as parents do not.

Xavier has had the help of all the therapists, and is now integrated into the "regular" kindergarten class fully in the afternoon. He has a wish list of 19 different things suggested by the occupational therapist. If cuts are made to the education that stand, Kids like Xavier who are capable of so much more will become more overwhelmed by their sensory needs. It takes a lot of work to help teach a little one how to self regulate and communicate how they feel. Why as a parent should i sit still and let me son sit in an environment that will take away from all the work that's been done? This is all things that we've done while waiting for our turn in the therapy line up.

You don't become a parent expecting to become a therapist. A child doesn't ask to be dealt adult problems with the inability to communicate them.

They are the next generation and deserve better!

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