William and Samuel

Provincial Riding: Whitby
William and Samuel are both on the Autism Spectrum. They are both extremely bright children. They struggle in the areas of sensory integration and emotional regulation which means meltdowns are frequent. They have spent 2 years on the waitlist for service. During that time they have accessed occupational and speech therapies, social skills groups and counseling. My husband and I have taken workshops and parenting classes to make sure we have the tools to best manage their needs and behaviours. We have gone heavily into debt paying for those things.
We put our trust in the system. We were nearing the top of the waitlist and now with the changes to the OAP my children will not be able to access the ABA therapy they have been waiting for. Their school does not have the resources to deal with the high needs children who are currently enrolled. We can't imagine how they will cope with other high needs children who have lost their therapy enrolling. We do not have the confidence that they will be able to keep our children safe. As our elected officials it is your responsibility to do what is best for your constituents. This is not what is best for us. Please reconsider these decisions. The future of our children literally depend on it.

Thank You,
Shona and David Dandar

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