William and Kieran

Provincial Riding: Windsor - Tecumseh
My children are almost 3 and 5. I had always envisioned being back at work by this point in motherhood - prove to my babies women can do it all.

But both my beautiful kids have ASD; my oldest also a rare genetic microdeletion and seizure disorder. My youngest can't speak and communicates only in gestures.

Neither use the toilet, communicate personal needs nor wants. I have been waiting over 18 months for my daughter, just a few for my son. I keep hoping that soon we would be called for therapy. EXCITED to place my daughters' schooling on hold if necessary to help her find coping skills for the sensory issues she has, and learn to wire her brain for learning in an academic environment with her peers. I want them to be able to fit in.

And now... I don't know if they'll ever go away to school, find love, have families. I fear for how they will live after 18 without a voice, supports or the support of their government.

I previously had a lot hope for what was honestly, a very uncertain future.

But my own government has told me to box that hope up, and put it away... live in the knowledge our family is WORTH LESS? Sorry, f...Forget that.

When it comes to hoping for a better day for these two, for myself and my husband and every child who needs validated therapies for clinically evaluated neurological conditions - I'll be #RELENTLESS.

Ontario can and should provide these to ALL citizens so they can live dignified lives.


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