Vincent Pimentel

Age: 8
Provincial Riding: Brampton East
Vincent is incredibly bright. He likes to figure out how things work and defies the laws of physics. He is reading now, and doing math. He is learning to regulate himself, and his speech has increased tenfold since beginning therapy. Due to the changes the PC government has made, Vincent is losing his therapy. Effective April 10th, he is due back at school full time. Although I approached the school immediately to let them know about his impending return, the school is not ready to have him. He is a flight risk. He has a GPS tracker in case he runs away and has run off from every person entrusted with his care a number of times. We have had to call police to find him. He will require a 1:1 to ensure his safety. Secondly, since he is not completely verbal, he will react with screaming, aggression and violence when under stress and he is always full of anxiety. He will become a danger to himself and those in the classroom (including other children and staff).

Under normal circumstances, a child who is ready to be transitioned to school, will undergo a 6 month transition program. We are now down to 3 weeks, there is no additional staff and he is simply not ready to be discharged from therapy. No time to prepare, no transition plan in place, not to mention he's not ready. He will without a doubt regress in the skills he's obtained thus far.

We are beyond devastated. We are not a financially healthy family. We can't afford therapy out of pocket. We already have a 2nd mortgage on our home. It simply won't happen. At the expense of my son's future. A child who is learning, who is smart, who is affectionate, who is working so hard at becoming the independent, working tax payer we strive for him to be.

Please, before it's too late, reinstate his therapy so we can continue to see amazing things from him. Please. This truly is a case of saving the government millions (if not billions) of dollars in years time. I beg you. For the future of all Ontarians. We have solutions. Bring us to the table to work with you but leave the plan as it was until we come up with something better.

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