Serenity 8 years old Joshua 21 years old

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My son Joshua is now 21 years old and has never recieved funding for his therapy. He was diagnosed at 5 years and 8mths and with the mcguinty government cut off was 6. When the cut off was lifted he went for an assessment and was told he was to high functioning to recieve any funding. He had a full meltdown in the room and the assistant who did the review spoke to him once. He will now never know his full potential. He finishes school this June and we canít afford day programs he is on the waitlist for everything under the DSO. My daughter serenity is 8 years old she was diagnosed at 3 years old, only because I got her on the list when she was 6 weeks old. She was allowed on the list because her brother was diagnosed. She started therapy right away, I was paying out of pocket for 6-9 hrs a week, and this was just a therapist no oversite. She was put on the list at 3 years old. At the age of 6 she made it to the top of the list and could start funding!! 20 hrs a week. We started to see improvements, she started to request, she started speaking more, putting sentences together. After a year she was starting to use the toliet!!! But it wasnít enough. We fought the Wynne government in 2016 to get needs based funding. Serenity was not getting support from her school, the government had cut funding for EAs. Serenity was slipping backwards, having accidents at work cause she had to wait for a EA to be available to take her to the bathroom. Thatís a basic human right! There was one ea for grades 1-4. Then April of 2017 she got full time funding! 40 hours a week. We have seen huge gains in her learning, sheís reading, can almost write her name. She dresses herself and she can almost wipe her own bum. With this new program all that will be ripped away from her. The school
Board can not help her they donít have the knowledge or the funding. For her to go back to school she needs 1 to 1 therapy in a IBI settting like she is getting now. Will she need 40 hrs a week forever, no I donít believe she will. But without it now we will
Never know. Please donít take my daughters future away.


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