Sachin Naidoo

Age: 7
Provincial Riding: Windsor West
My son was officially diagnosed at age 6 years, it was a one year wait with childrens first to get the assessment. He had just started grade 1 at age 5 and was struggling in the first 2 months, refusing to speak or interact with anyone in the class, prompting a referral. He was with childrens first since age 2 for delays in speech and socialization but discharged abruptly at age 4 years because it was now the schools responsibility but there was no follow through. Once he was diagnosed, he was referred to Thames valley and i was called by them recently after waiting for almost 2 years for services, i thought i was finally going to receive services only to be told that the ministry has changed the services and he was now going be transferred over from thames valley. I also hear that children over 6 years may not receive proper funding and if you earn over a threshold, you wont be elligible. My husband and i both work and pay taxes, so we fall into that bracket. He was assessed to be of high IQ and high functioning(FYI he is able to code his own games)and its a shame that he is just falling through the system. I am a physician and my husband also works so our taxes are taken but when our kid needs help, then the door is just shut in our faces. It is sad that the minister for childrens services is not for the children and yes children on the spectrum should have rights under an equal society which Canada claims to be but the government is discriminating against kids like him.

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