Age: 4
Provincial Riding: Brantford - Brant
My daughter Reign is 4 years old. She was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in july of 2017.

We’ve been very fortunate that her issues seem limited to communication and fine motor skills with very few serious behavioural issues.. but we still struggle every day.. she struggles to communicate her needs and we struggle to understand her.. we struggle with unhealthy and inappropriate behaviours that we can’t correct because she can’t understand. Something as simple as potty training has taken us nearly a year with almost ZERO real progress. Because we don’t have the knowledge or skills to make her understand..

We’ve been blessed with an Amazing team at Lansdowne Childrens Centre who have taken our non-verbal, uninterested and uninvolved child and turned her into a sweet, caring little girl who can’t say much.. but can atleast tell us she loves us and ask for basic things “juice” “cookie” etc.

But she still needs so much more, and we don’t have alot to give. I suffer from a currently undiagnosed health issue. That i’ve been battling for the past 8 years. It has at this point rendered me unable to work due to chronic pain and digestive issues. Our family lives on my wife’s income which with the cost of medications and necessities like diapers leaves us essentially living week to week.

Under this new program she would barely be able to afford a few days of therapy a year, as i’ve heard no talk of backdating and she’s very quickly approaching the reduction age.. our family lives in fear and dread at what this will mean when she begins school in the fall.. infact contemplating leaving the province in search of a better treatment.

Please look into my daughter’s eyes and tell me she’s not worth it..i urge this government to look at functioning, cost effective needs based systems like that of Alberta. Work at legislating private insurance companies to provide manadatory autism service coverage like the State of Missouri.. the answer is already there... just make the right choice..

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