Age: 4
Provincial Riding: Sarnia - Lambton
We suspected something with our son Peter, right after his 2nd birthday in January of 2017. It took us until December 1st of 2017 to get a diagnosis and that was by paying out of pocket for half of it, cutting our wait time by almost a year. After 8 months of sitting on the list at Thames Valley (our Regional Ontario Autism Program Provider), we finally got an actual number on August 15, 2018. He was 979th on the wait list. He was still 979th when we sold our house and started a gofundme campaign for IBI therapy in November 2018 - the list had not moved. I called at the end of January, prior to the MPP’s reform announcement…his number was 979. So, when April 1st comes around, Peters number is still likely to be 979. By the time MacLeod’s promised pennies come our way, Peter will be almost 6 years old, and because we make marginally more than than $55 000, how much is Peter set to receive? The math is too depressing to even speculate.

Equitable is not equal
Equal is not fair.
Quality of service matters!
Our children deserve better!

To give readers some insight on how much IBI costs us; it takes our PRIVATE IBI provider 15 minutes to put together an invoice for us every month. We are charged $44.80 for those 15 minutes. How are we supposed to afford what our son was prescribed by his physician of 40hrs a week when we can barely afford 4 hours a week for a year from the equity of our house and from kindness of friends family and strangers. I’m ashamed of myself and embarrassed all the time that it has come to this...that I can’t afford to take proper care of my child. I never thought I would need help from so many people because I don’t make enough money and the government is broken and getting worse by the minute.

MacLeod has taken a broken system and shredded it into tiny pieces and is saying to us, and thousands of other parents, “Here's your slice...I hope it helps?!”.
Well, guess what? It really doesn’t. All I feel is anger, toward this government and soul crushing shame and hopelessness for the future.

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