Age: 9
Provincial Riding: Simcoe - Grey
Owen spent 4 years on the waiting list before he began service starting at age 6 he was completely nonverbal, 3 years in the service heís talking up a storm but still needs assistance with behaviour issues and regulation of energy and emotions. Currently receiving funding for 20 hours a week he is gaining so much every week. With the level of care that the government is implementing I do not expect to receive any funding and we donít know what to expect in regards to his progress we donít know if heís going to regress. In addition to this the timing is extremely horrible, in a couple of months Owen will have to be going back to school full time that will cause so much upset for him, routine is extremely important and now heís going to lose 20 hours of Ibi, go back to school full time, and then break for the summer heís going to have a complete routine change over the next 6 months and we are so worried how this will effect him. Teacher are not going to know how to help regulate him and itís going to be so challenging for the Owen the school and our family. Heís come so far or terrified, all I can think of is where we started and where we are now. My husband is in the forces and we both work full time and even with that we cannot continue to get services as the cost is to high and neither of us know what to give him to help, I feel so useless as a parent of an autistic boy when I canít help him.

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