Age: 4
Provincial Riding: Barrie - Innisfil
O is 4 years old and level 2 asd. He was awaiting therapy and on the wait list. He is in FT JK and while we are lucky he is in a school with amazing and supportive staff, he still gets sent home for violent behaviours and our phones ring often. He is sweet and sensitive but just as quickly he can be set off and not know where to put his frustrations. We canít figure out what sets him off, he struggles with happy to angry in minutes. But he is funny, and silly, and he has made great (though small) strides since his diagnosis in September. All this was hard, but OK, because we knew that someday hopefully soon he would get therapy and he could be given the tools he needs to grow and function on a level that would help lead him to be an independent person someday. He is deserving of real tools, and real assistance to help him achieve these things and currently his government is letting him and all kids with asd down. With these changes we are staring at a brick wall. We donít know if he will be getting any help, we know we canít afford to pay for it directly. Even with the new plan it looks like we wonít get enough to cover even a months worth of therapy. the school has been incredible but surely things will only get harder as he gets older and real academic work starts to come his way. With the influx of children about to enter the school and incoming cuts to staff and special education, whatí standard of care will they all be able to receive? O Is Such a little person with such a long road ahead. Please do not make the road impossible.
Angie And Matthew Hunt

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