Age: 8
Provincial Riding: Sudbury
Iím a mother of three precious boys. My youngest was born in 2010. He came into this world without tears.
He was always different, but I found he changed a lot when he was two. He no longer wanted to go out and be around people, he only wanted to stay home and be with us.
He was all of a sudden scared of the outside world.
He started spinning. He wasnít talking, so we brought him to Word Play, and within his first visit, his SLP saw red flags and requested his
pediatrician send in a referral to be tested for autism.
My youngest, alongside his brothers, are my world. Remember when we were kids, we were amazed with the simple things? You know, as adults, we tend to forget.
One day I saw him spinning, out in the rain, under the gazebo. One area of the canvas was just helping the rain pour down. He stood under that area,
laughing, smiling and spinning, and it was then that I saw the magic of autism, the magic of being so pure and innocent.
I cannot imagine my life without my son, but it is not always easy on us, but especially on him.
He was diagnosed at 4 years old with severe autism and global developmental delay.
He was placed in an autism class the following Spring, and his teacher did amazing things for him that I am forever grateful for.
At five he started going to IBI 4 days a week. And he received in home ABA therapy thereafter.
This therapy helped my son learn appropriate alternative behaviour.
This part is very personal but I want to share this for the sole purpose that you all see how important therapy is.
He would often become upset with me when I would say no, and for other reasons, and not know how to properly deal with his emotions.
The outcome of that was horrible for him and I. He has not done that since receiving ABA therapy. I am very grateful for the help.
This help, I cannot afford on my own. This help is not a want, but a NEED. Under the new OAP, my son, with severe autism,
will not even receive the full five thousand a year. My son will suffer without help. With the cuts to education, my son will suffer some more.
As hard as it was to wait for his diagnosis and help, at least there was a light at the end of the tunnel.
As hard as it is to wait for help again, we will wait because of that light at the end of the tunnel and because we know how hard things can be,
we stand in solidarity with others so everyone can receive that help everyone so desperately needs! We are the 100. Our kids are worth it.
We are united. Please stand with us. Our children depend on you and I to help be their voice. Let not the hands of time go backward. They deserve better than that! Thank you.

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