Age: 7
Provincial Riding: Ottawa - Vanier
Our first born Nels was mostly non verbal when he was finally diagnosed at 4 ...We couldn’t risk waiting longer for provincially funded ABA therapy. We got a line of credit, got help from family and friends and my partner worked 3 extra jobs to bring in more money because therapy is extremely expensive (over $2000 for 9 hours a week). We changed our diet, went all in with PECS and sign language.
We started seeing a difference after about 4 months. He was always sweet, gentle, creative and sociable with his buddies, but is now, at 7.5, a total chatterbox, so smart, funny and builds the most incredible LEGO structures. He’s competitive with his peers, plays sports, draws with awesome details and well, in most ways, he’s like any other kid. Peters’ autism if anything, helped us be better parents and fight for him. It is only a part of him after all, just like some kids have anxiety or ADHD. We would have adored him regardless of whether or not he could communicate obviously- but truly, he is a happier boy now that he can talk and it was through his ABA therapy that he has accomplished more in communication (among many other things) than we ever could as his parents.

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