Age: 6
Provincial Riding: Guelph
When Matthew was 2 yrs old, we knew something wasn’t right, but we thought it was because he couldn’t hear very well. After getting tubes in his ears and his hearing improving, we knew he still wasn’t developing as he should. We finally got him diagnosed just after his 4th birthday, a week before starting JK!
We fell into a period of the funding where if we signed off of the government waitlist (since he would have aged out at 5, and never gotten treatment) we got $8000, then $10000 payments to go and find our own therapy provider. I spent weeks calling providers, none of them either had room or they were located too far away. We were on more waitlists. A year and a half after getting access to this funding, we finally found a provider who was opening up a new center.

Matthew has been going to ABA therapy now since May 2018. The progress we’ve seen in him is amazing! He’s gone from only repeating everything we say, to asking questions and answering some as well. We’ve finally “met” our son. He is so incredibly intelligent, it blows my mind! His biggest passion is geography, and he can point out any country in the world, and knows countries regions, capitals, states, etc. (Even the 254 counties of Texas!) Most of these things he’s learned through songs on YouTube. He is so proud when he knows we understand what he is saying, it melts my heart.
But I’m worried these moments will become less and less if he is stripped of his therapy. I know he will regress (we’ve seen it before), and will most likely become aggressive, which is something I struggle to deal with as he’s getting bigger and stronger. We are so close to getting him out of diapers, I don’t want to go backwards.
The money the government is offering would only cover about an hour a week of therapy for him. That’s not enough. This therapy needs to be intensive for it to be effective. It will be like starting at square one every week.
I will keep fighting for my son and every other child (and adult) on the spectrum! We will win this battle!

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