Age: 3
Provincial Riding: Pickering - Uxbridge
I am a warrior. I am a Type 1 Diabetic, A Heart Attack Survivor & an Autism Mom to the most beautiful, loving 3 yr non-verbal boy. I am also terrified for his future. We are one of the 23,000. We would rather wait. Why? Because the PC Govt is handing us a band aid for an amputated arm so to speak. There were 8,000 families before us that had to wait (years!)... but once they got their turn, their children flourished! That was our light at the end of the tunnel....The PC govt has now extinguished that light for 23,000 kids! Now, instead of needs based therapy, this govt is WASTING valuable tax dollars throwing $ out at parents that may or may not even need it. It is pathetic, inhumane, and completely fiscally irresponsible! I am ashamed to be an Ontario Citizen right now.

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