Age: 3
Provincial Riding: London West
Mason is a beautiful, smart and funny little boy. Almost 6 months ago he was diagnosed as a level 3 on the Autism Spectrum. Every day brings it struggles.
Mason was one of the 23,000 children on the waitlist for services. Even though we were waiting, he was not languishing. We had a support team consisting of a speech therapist, occupational therapist, recreational therapist and a social worker all helping us to engage Mason and show us how to best meet his needs.
Mason is incredibly bright but he suffers from Sensory Processing Issues that make functioning in a neurotypical environment very difficult and uncomfortable.
When Mason has a sensory meltdown due to sensory overload he can unintentionally become aggressive. He mostly engages in self harming behaviour but will lash out at others who try and intervene.
While we weren't thrilled at the prospect of waiting 3 years for service, we at least knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel. We just had to push through on our own for awhile and then the professionals would take it from there. Now that light is gone.
Under the new OAP Mason will never get the therapy he needs because we cant afford it. I considered taking the government funding and going through school to become an ABA therapist but now the colleges are putting holds on the Autism programs because they don't know what the future holds.
#clearthewaitlist is a devastating blow to all Autism families. The government needs to reconsider its plan and create a system that will cater to the needs of a child and is not based on age or income.

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