Age: 6
Provincial Riding: University - Rosedale
Mackenzie was diagnosed at 20 months old with moderate to severe autism, global developemental delay and sensory processing disorder. Mackenzie was on the waitlist for IBI for 2 years.

Mackenzie was completely non verbal, we were told that she would probably never speak. She would self harm with punching herself or banging her head up to a 100 times a day. We had no eye contact and she could not respond to her name or simple directions. She would curl up on the floor and stim for hours.

Fast forward to February 2017, Mackenzie began IBI full time, 5 days a week 6 hours a day. Mackenzie rarely bangs her head anymore. She requests verbally for food, water and toys. She can spell, she can read, she can count and is learning basic math. She is learning to write and to sit at a table for 20 mins doing lessons. she is learning nouns, verbs, pronouns. She is a runner and a flopper and this has also improved. She listens when we say stop. She still has much to learn, she is still not toilet trained and will not be for the start of school.

She has made so many gains, and she is about to be thrown into school with no transition plan. She will not know the teachers, the routines, what is expected of her. She will regress, and I will lose my little girl again. I may very well have to give up my career of 19 years. I will lose my benefits which provide for my kids health care. My husband will have to work longer hours and get a second job just to pay the bills. There will be no money for therapy, no money for my other kids to go to college or university.

This PC government has no care for our children. Your concern is tax breaks for the wealthy and legislations that benefits them. How do you make this big of a change and not provide information and details. How do you throw families into crisis and not care. How do you cut funds and services to our families. How to you justify pushing our children into a school system who is not equipped or ready for them.

I will continue to fight for my daughter, and every child in this province. Your ill thought out policies will hurt all children but it will destory the most vulnerable. It is clear that the PC government has decided to wage a war against the most vulnerable. What you fail to understand is that we are strong, we are relentless and we will come together to fight fordnation with everything we have.

My daughter is beautiful, smart and inspiring. She can reach for the stars if given the tools to do so. My daughter is possible.


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