Age: 8
Provincial Riding: Newmarket - Aurora
My son Luc began this process when he was 5 1/2, it took a long time to have school psychologist make a referral to have him complete a DACS. He was finally diagnosed in May 2017, where at the time we were told the new OAP was in effect and we would have service much quicker with this new system! We are still on a wait list almost 2 years later! I am disheartened for my son who is now 8 1/2 and struggles in school and at home with self regulation and transitions and wait times. We have tried paying for private ABA but could only afford 2 hours a day and even at $8,000 from Feb.-June it is unfair to say it was not effective, as they simply did not have enough time with him to help address the multiple goals in place required to help him navigate through his day. Now that the Ford government has decided to base funding on age and income, we are at a complete disadvantage. I have read the ministry of education is also pouring millions of dollars in funding into paying for teachers to become ABA trained, and as a primary school teacher although I think this is good they are recognizing the amount of children with autism mainstreamed into our classrooms, it is not feasible to do our job as educators as well as become ABA therapists essentially! These children so desperately need ABA and IBI that serves as their education to help them become successful and many require 1:1 instruction. The government will now make it seem like their own teachers are failing them too, but it will become increasingly stressful to help the multitude of abilities in our class with the current cuts in place to our core resource teams. The government has stripped us of hope for the future of our children and it is a true shame, because we trusted the wait times, we hoped we would be getting help from a government we thought cared for our own Canadian children, but it appears we were a product of a system that gave up on our innocent children. I am deeply saddened for my son and our family as we will likely now receive no funding and I am completely uncertain what this translates to for our family, as it seems the stress is surmountable! I have had to take a leave of absence from my teaching as I am unable to tend to my son through the night and be able to work in the day, with a loss of income and without any funding for my son in the near future, our family is completely stressed out.

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