Logan Moore

Age: 7
Provincial Riding: Whitby
This is Logan Moore our 7 year old son. He is currently obtaining phrase speech, learning how to use the washroom and function in a school setting with teachers and peers. He has come such an incredible long way in 18 months of service. He was unable to make eye contact, non verbal and and lacking any social skills. His growth has changed his life. Losing this funding and the ability to have 1:1 ABA will cause him to regress. We fear for his future without the proper therapy. Being transitioned into school will not help him in anyway. It will be wasted years that he could be using to grow. School is not therapy. What good are ABCs when he needs to first learn how to sit patiently before he can even begin to learn? How can a teacher properly address his behavioural needs? How can a regular teacher deal with his verbal delays, incontenece issues and aggressive outbursts?

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