Age: 5
Provincial Riding: Orléans
My five year old nephew Liam was diagnosed with Autism two years ago. He is non-verbal and does not interact with his environment. I thought the toughest part was watching him regress into himself; starting as a young child interacting with family and smiling at everyone. Now he doesn't acknowledge family or anything else in the environment. Because of therapies over the last year or so, there has been strong maintenance and solid signs of improvement but this is coming to an end because of you. The people we vote for got our vote, and abandon us shortly after. Regrettably I cast my vote to you, so not only do I feel disenfranchised as a community member but the worst part is that Liam is going to go without the support that could allow him to live independently one day. My entire family has devoted their working life to our community on both a municipal, provincial and federal level. We are all educated and established contributors of our community and I personally have never written a letter to any politician, but you abondoning my family's health needs requires me to. There are few people willing to define their actions by their best intentions, and so we leave it to politicians repeatedly to show otherwise. You, like some before, are abondoning the principles, ethics and morarls of the community you serve by slashing funding and resources in this area of essential care. The good news is that there is still time. You still have a great opportunity to fix this error and turn this around. I hope and pray for Liam's sake, and all the many children and their families dealing with Autism that you make this shift, and we will gladly celebrate your accomplishment with further support. This issue will not be going away. As a professional in the mental health field working non-profit supporting youth in our community with mental health and addiction issues, the impact of your actions as our representative is felt systemically beyond just the families impacted by them, but throughout the entire community. I hope you see this is as an opportunity to excercise your moral and ethical community compass.

Matthew Young

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