Age: 5
Provincial Riding: Parkdale - High Park
Our son Liam was born prematurely at 26 weeks. Because of such an early birth he had grade IV hemmorage which led to other challenges. At 5 months old he had brain surgery. He has a bilateral hearing loss, cerebral palsy and at the age of 3 going on 4 he was diagnosed with moderate to severe autism. Liam is non-verbal and needs assistance with all aspects of daily living. He is currently 5 going on 6 and he is still in diapers, self harms himself and does not grasp the concept of danger. Last summer I got a glimpse into what kind of therapy he might be getting once he got off the waitlist and for the first time since he was diagnosed I felt a glimmer of hope. I was asked if I would choose direct funding or direct services once he got off the waitlist and I opted for the services because guess what? We are not in it for the money. Liam generally a happy boy and is very loving but he gets frustrated because he cannot communicate. My husband and I both have full time careers and we make over $100k combined however all that money goes towards paying for rent and other bills. Under the Ford government's new program, Liam will probably be over 6 by the time he gets off the waitlist. He will qualify for a miniscule amount of funds. He will probably receive about $2000 a year for therapy which would pay for a week worth of therapy for him. Staying on the waitlist is better for our family than being told we should be grateful that we will be receiving a small handout as if the government is doing us a favour. We have lost all hope for our son and the only way forward for us is to challenge that new plan. Liam is different not less. He deserves a chance #wearethe100percent

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