Age: 6
Provincial Riding: Brampton East
Hello we are a family of six, 1 child has type 1 diabetes and 1 is on the autism spectrum. We are barely surviving of 1 income but we manage to keep a roof over our heads, food on the table and clothes on our back.Our family has never been on a vacation and we are driving a 16 year old car.
Our autistic had been in therapy for a year and a half (we receive DFO). When he started therapy he was non verbal, anti social and a huge flight risk. Since then he looks in my eyes, he called me "mommy " (waited 6 years to hear that) he plays with his siblings, I can take him to the park without the fear of him bolting on to the street. With all the wonderful achievements he has a long way to go.
With the new plan I have spent many wakeless hours trying to figure out how we can continue therapy for our son and the answer is we can't. I have cried morning my son's success will come to an end, the anxiety over my son's future under the new plan is devastating , grim and hopeless.
I know that with a few more years of therapy he can be a completely different child but with the new P.C program that future is gone.
I had my 10 year old ask me when she can start working so that she could help pay for therapy.
I just want my son to have a fighting chance in life, to be able to tell me what he wants for Christmas and what his favorite colour is.
The plan is wrong it hurts all of our kids.
We are devastated and hopeless but we are relentless

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