Age: 17
Provincial Riding: Cambridge
This is my daughter Kyla. She was diagnosed at age 3 1/2. After an almost 2 year wait she finally started to receive IBI therapy.
Before the therapy Kyla couldn't feed herself, dress herself, use the washroom and never said a word.
She received therapy at home 3 days a week and attended school the other 2.
She excelled in the therapy and flew through the program and after almost 2 years she was speaking (usually random lines from movies but we were more then ok with that), feeding herself, dressing herself (mostly) and had started to use the washroom on her own.
Kyla is now 17. She goes to high school, attends a job placement, has friends, and plays both hockey and baseball.
I am confident that without the theray she would not be as self sufficient as she is today. The waiting list while it was long, was completely worth it.
I am afraid for families today. Therapy should not stop at 6, my daughter is living proof that it is just as effective after age 6.
The changes to OAP will devastate and cripple children. Think about them in the future. Some can grow to be contributing members of society with therapy.
How much will it cost the province to house and take care of these kids when they become adults who cannot speak, have no life skills and require care?

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