Age: 3
Provincial Riding: St. Catharines
I am a young single and currently pregnant
mother of a recently diagnosed ASD child who also suffers from severe developmental delay and intellectual disability. We waited a very long time already to get this diagnosis and finally once I got the paperwork i thought we could finally get some help. But, now he is again wait listed and it breaks my heart because I dont know if he will ever talk. I cannot Express it enough how critical it is children especially this young receive the help they need, when they are young their brains are sponges, they pick up on things we would consider to be learning while they see it as a game. But unfourtunately as they grow older they do become wiser and realise it's more so work and not so much a gamer anymore.. that is when things get tougher and hope begins to fade. My son is my life and I will do everything I can to advocate for him and to make sure he will be able to live as close to a average or "normal" life as possible. It would be greatly appreciated to receive help so I will be able to go back to work and not have to worry about my son. If you have anyone who suffers from ASD in your life you will be able to relate to how critical this is so please consider it and stop with the changes and help us guide our children to a brighter future

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