Age: 12
Provincial Riding: Kingston and the Islands
KOLSEN is 12 yrs old with ASD. We were diagnosised at 3 years old. Immediately, I went to work, going on every waitlist I could find. At the time he had list his words, was not potty trained had many obbessive habits and could not sit on a chair without falling off. I was fortunate, we got into Maltby form consult, parent training and ABA. I took notes and learned how to help him. After the 6 week course we went back on the list. We recieved speech therapy from early expressions from 3 -6. He had OT from 3 -6 to leatn how to sit in a chair, hold a pencil, understand his body. We had an ABA session every 2 years approximately. We also utilized EXtend a family for camps and programs. I am grateful for a the community support we recieved. I used the thearpies at home and understood the waitlist. We still use ABA and any free programs we can! I had to stay at home as he had up to 3 appoinments a week and my work coild not facilitate my absences. This was a hard choice for my family and we have had many sacrifices. Without the OAP he wouldn't have the skills he foes know and I wouldn't gave the crucial parent education to support him. Kolsen will always have ASD, But he can communicate, attend school, make friends and us kearning everyday. The thought that there are new families just emvarking on the ASD journey without these programs breaks my heart!!! Shame on our government for cadting adide these kids. We are just raising kids who will be dependent on social assistance for the rest of thier lives. We need more support not less!

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