Age: 7
Provincial Riding: Hamilton Centre
This is Kellen. He is 7 years old. He has a wicked sense of humour, he loves to spend time with his little sister. He is gentle and loving. He has never spoken a word, he is 100% dependent on his iPad to communicate. He did 20 hours a week of intensive therapy over almost 2 years, but still he has no sense of danger, he can't do much without supervision. He is back on the waitlist for more therapy. That's ok. Waiting for quality service that will actually work with his needs is better than pennies that will not cover his needs. He is healthy, so doesn't often require medical support, so why isn't he able to access the support he needs? His support in school was pulled, he was, "doing too well". They told me that the day he left the school because he didn't have the support he needs. Due to not being far enough behind academically, he does not get help for his Communication and lifeskills support. I am an ABA practitioner as well as an ASD Educator professionally. I do what I can to continue his development, sometimes a boy needs Momma to be Momma. The PC government has not only taken my son's ability to reach his full potential, they are taking his Momma. I have to spend more time being his therapist than his Mom. Kellen has the right to a voice, he has the right to his education, he has the right to his future.

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