Kaleb Roberts

Age: 14
Provincial Riding: Guelph
My name is Rachelle Robert's my son Kaleb is 14. He was just diagnosed last year after losing his grandmother he was finally able to articulate enough for us to fight to get diagnosed with high functioning ASD. We struggle everyday not in the same way as those who have non verbal children or who can't care for themselves at all... but non the less we need help too !
Therapy , weighted blankets, noise canceling headphones, chrome book for school, tutors .... just to name a few tangible items.
The worst part of all this is we feel alone... how can we get him into a program to learn coping mechanisms and learn about his triggers.
As Parents we feel guilty, uneducated and like we are failing him when he has meltdowns or does not act the way society expects. As he gets older and bigger it is scary... the emotions are strong, uncontrollable and there is no reasoning! As Parents we need to be retrained...again more therapy and even marriage counseling....because it's hard to parent...but it is even harder to parent a child with ASD.
Autism is not a behavioral disorder or a choice and we struggle everyday being judged by family and friends who don't get it.
Age does not change a person's need for support ,income does not change a person's need for support...
We don't know where we are on this list ...nothing is clear or been communicated to us ...all we have is a paper that says he has ASD and we are doing everything we can with our personal resources. The system is definitely broken when there is 23 000 people on a waiting list and this much pushback from the general public.
Someone has to listen to the outpouring of cries from the ASD community. Someone has to care!

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