Age: 7
Provincial Riding: Ajax
Our son Justin was diagnosed with moderate to severe Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was 3 years. Justin was non verbal, still in diapers, had minimal eye contact, very poor gross and fine motor skills, played inappropriately with his peers and toys. Justin was not able to feed or dress himself, he was completely dependent on others for basic day to day tasks. By the grace of God Justin was granted access to funding for critical IBI/ABA therapy from the government thru the OAP. Justin initially began at 40 hours of intensive treatment, closely and lovingly overseen by a BCBA, psychologists and therapists. We supplimented out of pocket with speech therapy and Occupational therapy, martial arts and music programs to round out his behavioural, physical and developmental needs. Justin turns 7 years old in March 2019. Hes progressed so much with all of his intensive therapy to only requiring 24 hours a week and entering grade 1 two days a week to integrate with his peers. Justin still requires intensive treatment to keep him on a road to success. He is now successfully toilet trained (new success in the last year) His vocabulary is exploding, he is showing interest in his new baby brother. We remember the days that we prayed for him to just say mom and dad. Now we have imperfect conversations in the car about the lifecycle of a butterfly which his clinic therapists taught him. And we are grateful for all the mistakes in conversation and curiosity and ability to learn. His future was so promising, he is able to learn and strive and thrive. But not without continued assistance from ABA. Im so frightened that all the blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice we have all as a joint community of family, therapists, learning professionals and teachers will be for nothing. Justin has been beating every odd, every obstacle, every mountain, every challenge. Without the required supports from ABA therapy he will stunt in developmental growth. Please, please I beg you. Do everything in your power to reinstate the needs based therapy my child requires. That all ASD children require. We are hurting.

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