Age: 5
Provincial Riding: Elgin - Middlesex - London
Our son Joey was diagnosed last Summer (June 2018) but we've known since he was 18-months-old.

Joey is a five-years-old with developmental delays in multiple areas - motor skills, communication skills, social skills, emotional regulation/behavioural skills, self-care skills. He also demonstrates, in all settings, patterns of behaviour and developmental delays which are consistent with his diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (level 2) and Sensory Processing Disorder.

Joey has been receiving Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy since he was 3, while we were living in Mississauga South. Since we've moved to St Thomas and he's been receiving Speech Therapy through his school board. He has made tremendous gain in his communication skills! He is proof that therapy works.

We are still waiting for Occupational Therapy through our school board, and ABA therapy from Thames Valley Children's Centre. I know, first hand, the power that regular, consistent therapy can have for our children.

The proposed changes will allow us approximately 6 weeks of therapy a year. SIX weeks out of 52 weeks a year. This WILL cause significant regression for Joey.

My husband and I are mortgaged-out. No bank is going to give us the money to provide the care that Joey so desperately needs. Without the help of our government, Joey will languish. The job of every Government is to provide what Canadians need. Not to abandon the most vulnerable.

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