Age: 6
Provincial Riding: Don Valley North
Jeremy is 6.5 years old and he has Autism/ADHD/ODD. He was diagnosed at 3.5 years old and is considered moderate to high functioning. My husband and I cannot afford to pay for private supports. Jeremy, through the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) set by the Liberal government, was entered and grandfathered into the Direct Service Offer. He has had 3 blocks of service with a year in between each session. Each session gave him ABA through a social skills group; a total of 18 hours in each turn.

Jeremy needs therapy to learn to self-regulate, learn life skills, transitions, emotional coaching, self-regulation, independence, stop him from wondering, value safety, advocate, socialize with peers, stay on task, complete work independently, integrate with peers in the community. He requires intensive support at school and will still need it for several years to come.

Please help Jeremy thrive by learning valuable life skills. As much as I wish to be able to be there each time he struggles I cant. He needs to learn how to be a functional independent adult. ABA has given my son the ability to interact with peers, and advocate.

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