Jayla Delsey

Age: 5
Provincial Riding: Hamilton East - Stoney Creek
My beautiful daughter Jayla was diagnosed when she was 22 months. We paid out of pocket for the first year that she was in therapy. It was hard. We were just about to buy a house and we used the money that we had saved for the down payment. Jayla did well that first year but we knew that she needed more therapy than we could afford.

When Jayla started getting funded ibi 5 days a week she made really big gains. Jayla is non-verbal and she uses prologue2go on her iPad to speak. Jaylaís therapist are trained on that program and have been able to show her how to ask for things and describe things. Her therapists have essentially given her a voice. Ibi has taught Jayla so many things that she simply would not be able to learn if she was just in the school board. Iím her parent and I canít even teach her as much as her therapists can. Since being in ibi Jayla has became more social, she was potty trained, she started pointing. All things that some people may take for granted. Jayla could possibly need to be in therapy for the rest of her life.

I love watching Jayla progress and it terrifies me what will happen when she loses all of her funding. Jayla will only receive $5000/year and that will never last past two months. Jayla needs intensive therapy not here and there therapy.

I pray that the government will realize how badly this will affect all these childrenís future. We are not asking for luxury vacations or diamonds. We are simply asking that our children get needs based therapy so they can be the best possible versions of themselves.

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