Age: 3
Provincial Riding: St. Catharines
Jax is 3. He is the youngest of our family of 4. He has a big brother who cant wait for his little brother to say his first words. While an autism diagnoses is hard there was always a little bit of hope that in time and regardless of his age he would get the therapy he needs to thrive and make the milestones that he hasn't achieved yet. Now that hope is crushed and im in panic mode wondering how I can afford this therapy for my son. This government has taken away the chance for my son to thrive...to talk to us one day and to gain essential social and life skills. We won't even get the max funding for his age as the income scale is another slap to the face because in the governments eyes we are rich. We are not rich by any means...my husband works 55-60hr work weeks and I part time in a group home with adults with disabilties. We live pay check to pay check as is. im worried we will lose our home...rack up massive debt and I worry about my 7year old who deserves to have a happy childhood and not have two overly stressed parents. I pray that something will change...something HAS TO change! This can't be it for all kids involved. I have so much more to say but I struggle to put into words as the tears and emotions take over. I participated in a meeting with our new government and while I tried to remain hopeful that they actually cared for our kids and were listening..they infact had already made their decision and were just trying to make it seem like they cared. I will never be fooled again by the conservative government...i knew this would happen. Something has to change!!! We cant let this happen to all the children and youths involved!!

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