Jacob and Jasmine

Provincial Riding: Whitby
Jacob is 12yrs and has severe Autism, Adhd and Tourette's. He received one year of IBI under the old AIP program. He was removed from service at the age of 8yrs because he reached a 4yr olds skill level.
He has had no service or therapy since 2015. He has been on the OAP waitlist since April 2017. Jacob needs intensive ABA. This is his only chance at having a future as an independent, working adult. The new OAP will provide Jacob with $5000 per year. That is not even enough for one month of service per year. This plan does not meet any of Jacob's needs, and will leave him dependant on ODSP for the rest of his life.
Jasmine is 16yrs and has moderate Autism, Adhd, and generalized Anxiety disorder. Due to lack of qualified and experienced Doctors, Jasmine did not get her autism diagnosis until age 11. She was denied IBI service and to date has only received a total of 9hrs of ABA. She has been on the OAP waitlist for 2yrs. We just received a phone call stating that my daughter was being prepared for transfer out of the OAP program. She has not received ANY service! This is not ok. Jasmine has severe mental health needs and desperately needs therapy. Now she stands to receive nothing. This province has failed Jasmine repeatedly, and has literally taken away her future.
My oldest son Eric (pictured above) is 19yrs and also has high functioning autism. He has never received any supports or services. The new OAP will have a severe impact on his welfare. Eric is a caregiver for his siblings (so I can work) and it will fall on him to care for them when I become unable to do so. Eric's anxiety is through the roof, constantly worrying about his siblings and myself. Our home is a warzone due to Jasmine's severe aggression. Eric, like me, is covered in scratches and bruises. He refuses to go out with friends because he is afraid I will get hurt. He is only 19! This is such an unfair burden to place on such a young person.
I am a single parent struggling to meet the needs of my family. I can only afford to work part time, and we are very low income. I cannot afford the cost of private therapies or respite. We own no home to remortgage or car to sell. I have my own health issues to deal with, but now have the added stress, anxiety and depression due to the devestating changes made by the current provincial government.
I am not looking for money or free handouts. I just want my children to get the services that they desperately need in order to reach their potential and live happy, productive lives.

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