Age: 3
Provincial Riding: York - Simcoe
This is Izak. He is a caring, happy and free 3.5 year old boy. Izak is so sweet to everyone he meets and has this charismatic sense of self that he expresses very clearly even without words.
Izak was non verbal up until about a half a year ago. He learned sign language in the meantime, so his caregivers and friends would be able to better support him in times of need. Visual schedule boards and tablets were always too overwhelming for him to use.
I do not consider it a coincidence that he began to speak right after receiving speech therapy. I do not consider it coincidence that his behaviours started to regulate themselves right after receiving IBI therapy.
Izak needs these therapies to continue to succeed in reaching his full potential. We were all so eagerly watching and waiting for his funding to come so he could fully invest himself.
Unfortunately, we can no longer afford his therapy and the amount the new OAP funding will provide is even less then we were paying for his three hours per week. This is money we were provided by family and friends to get him started, money we couldn't afford to put out on our own in the first place... Izak will be leaving his therapy soon. When he does, we have no way of knowing if he will regress. No way of knowing if all his hard work will get lost in translation and disappear again.
To further these fears, he will be going to kindergarten in September. He will be attending class with far more children then he will be able to handle. My beautiful boy will be so over stimulated, so scared, and so confused that if he doesn't break down in school, his education will more then likely fall upon deaf ears. He will not process what is happening well enough to focus and learn. He will not transition well without any supports or transitional programs. My poor son is being thrown to the wolves and it hardly seems fair.
Please, reconsider this plan. Go back to drawing board. Meet with us and make an attempt to help our children. For Izak and for all the autistic children who need you. Please.

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