Ivan and Vincen

Provincial Riding: Sarnia - Lambton
I have two amazing beautiful ASD boys named Ivan and Vincen. I dropped everything back in 2017 and moved two hours away, losing my job and my marriage just so my boys could get off the wait list sooner as I was so worried about my oldest son not being ready or able to start JK in sept 2017. We transferred from the ErinOak wait list to the Thames Valley wait list, Thames valley even honoured the already 1 year wait we did with ErinOak kids which was a blessing! We opted out of IBI for Ivan as we felt he would benifit from a social school setting and we would do ABA outside of school in the clinic setting. Vincen was 100% non verbal, severe feeding issues and he was at a 12-18 month developmental level. He was 2 years and 8months old when he was accepted into the IBI program where he did 6 hours a day, 4 days a week in the clinic setting. IBI was the best thing to ever happen for Vincen and I often regret opting out of it for Ivan as well, but ABA has helped my son tremendously. We were told that Vincens program was being shut down for the end of September 2018, so they arranged for us to do ABA therapy instead but only 4 hours a week. He did regress, Ivan wasnít even allowed to renew his behaviour plan in 2018 because of these changes they were preparing to make in 2019. Iím a single stay at home parent with absolutely zero family supports here in sarnia. All my family live in Grey Bruce and Wellington County. I sacrificed everything for my children and I will continue to do so, but the funding we will be receiving wonít even allow the boys to continue therapy. I have expressed my concerns with thames valley and they are pulling me in for every therapy session so I can learn to better help my boys with an ABA approach as itís so successful! Not every parent gets this opportunity though, we need to keep fighting for our children! They deserve so much better than this!

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