Henry Deans

Age: 4
Provincial Riding: Hamilton Mountain
This is Henry, he is a very energetic, fun loving kid who has a heart of gold. In September of 2016 at the age of 2, we had him assessed by a speech language pathologist because he was behind in his language skills. He was referred to a developmental paediatrician, who we saw in January 2017. She diagnosed Henry with Autism. As you can imagine it rocked our world. We were then assessed to see if IBI therapy would be a good fit for Henry. That assessment came in May of 2017 and it was determined that he was a good fit for it. The waiting began.
During the wait for IBI therapy we had other in home programs provided. We had Social ABCs and also a couple blocks of speech therapy. Unfortunately, he didnt really make much progress.
On September 24th I got the call wed been waiting for. Henry made the top of the list, he will get his therapy. He started the first week of October 2018. The progress he has made has been astounding. He started out a child who struggled to communicate, dress himself and go to the toilet. There are also safety concerns as he is a flight risk and has no understanding of personal safety. In a few short months he has made so many gains. He speaks to us in short 2-3 word sentences. Hes able to tell us what his needs/wants are and hes started using the toilet(with some accidents). He has come a long way but he still has so much more to learn.
His therapy will come to an end on May 4th and then what? No one seems to have the answers.
It will be devastating to him to not go anymore, he loves going and he loves his therapists. He deserves more.
Please pause this plan and go back to the table.
Thank you
Melanie Barrick and Ian Deans

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