Age: 25
Provincial Riding: Vaughan - Woodbridge
My wife and I were 2 of the plaintiffs that sued and started to funding program back in 98/99. Our son was already 6 at the time. The funding program cut children off at the age of 6. My son revived no funding. Parents who had children reaching 6 and fearing losing funding then pressured the govt to maintain the funds and succeeded Despite no funding we put our son through an intensive IBI centre based program at significant cost to us. Unfortunately by the time he was 13 we took him out because we couldn’t afford it. All of the gains my son made were after 6 at the IBI centre. The school system proved to be glorified babysitting. Caring EA’s who knew nothing about autism. We are still paying off the debt we incurred to provide IBI therapy which proved to be invaluable to him after the age of 6. The new OAP will take us back 20 years. Parents won’t afford to provide the needed service and the schools will fail them.

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