Eric-Alexander Lehto

Age: 7
Provincial Riding: Sudbury
My son doesn't just struggle daily with ASD he also has the life threatening combination of juvenile diabetes that both occured since 2016. With constant daily blood glucose highs and lows we had to finally pick our battle to put him on a temporary combination of low dose Vyvance and Ability to help with his impulse control as ultimately his current health to the long term is our family's biggest concern.
His 2 pediatricians wrote a letter March 2018 to the heads at CCR pleading to have his wait list expedited due to his permanent life threatening medical condition. After many follows ups to be constantly ignored by CCR, I sought out help from Jamie's team who were on board to help and after finally speaking to a CCR rep, long story short it is not possible to expedite my son on the wait list as the Ministry of Community and Social Services does not and will not we just have to sit and " patiently" wait until we get a call.
The medication combination is helping him to not lash as he usually does BUT since he started the meds in November 2018, it's only meant for 6 months as long term effects could affect organs so then what will our plan of action be? I seriously doubt we'll have the call to start him into the new program. My son's health is ticking and with the added Diabetes, yes each day is hell, as sometimes all is well and other times, he lashes out which sets the blood sugar spikes from stress. He needs help and he needs it now! I don't know if Eric is the only autistic diabetic in Ontario but I'm scared for what the future holds the longer we wait... it shouldn't just be about first come first serve based on ASD diagnosis date. Extreme health concern combinations like Eric should be expedited.

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