Emeka Anosike

Age: 6
Provincial Riding: Burlington
I would love others to know about our amazing & highly intelligent & full of joy 6 year old son who is days away from his 7th Birthday. His name is Emeka & he is truly awesome & an answer to prayer. He is like all other children & lives his life to its fullest. He loves his family, learning, technology, the outdoors so many things. Oh yeah he also struggles everyday with ASD terrible grasp on his life. He is & will continue to accept the task of a constant battle against this terrible monster of Autism. He was diagnosed with severe nonverbal autism just 2 years ago. While we waited for over 2 years before that we knew his struggles would be daily sometimes moment to moment but some of his victories are just as sweet. Until recently we were so blessed with 21 hours of Amazing help from Erin Oaks kids. Our Angels truly. They have facilitated to bring our son to a great spot of gaining some new skills. Things we take for granted. How to sometimes interact with others, to communicate without his own voice, to desensitize himself at times.

However due to these sudden & unexplainable changes to the system. We are now free falling. We are flabbergasted, crushed, devastated..we are broken & questioning whether life even should go on. Our son deserves better, we deserve better. Oh but I forgot as of his 7th Birthday he will be healed -right. He needs no more help. His miracle has arrived “saint Ford “ what can we say but ...

But truthfully we are a family full of FAITH. And we are aware that man will fail us.(and you have & boy how far you have fallen) GODs plan is the only one that will win in the end. I truly believe that you have given so many of us nothing but pain, more sadness & a lack of compassion for what we deal with every minute of everyday.
Our family doesn’t have a clue what’s next for our son. He uses an assisted device to talk a little, he still wears diapers, has difficulty engaging, wears diapers for most of his day, has sensory issues & has no socializing outside of our family. Thank you for giving up on all of us. Thank you for giving us next to no warnings, thank you for being uneducated when making a significant changes to a system that for so many of us just gets us from day to the next day. Thank you for being successful in blindsiding families who are exhausted, overwhelmed & who are ready to respond. You’ve POKED THE BEAR

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