Elizabeth Musil

Age: 4
Provincial Riding: Bruce - Grey - Owen Sound
This is our daughter, Elizabeth. Elizabeth is almost five, the youngest of 4 children and she is on the severe end of the spectrum. We, like other parents out there, waited for therapy services, paid out of pocket while we waited, because we knew that IBI therapy was the best chance she had to learn, grow, and eventually move into the school system. With therapy, she has gone from being completely non verbal to being able to use simple sentences to request things! She is able to say ‘mama’ and ‘dada’. She can count, recite her alphabet, identity shapes, colours, animals and objects. She is starting to read and do basic addition! She still has a long way to go though - she needs help toileting, eating, dressing, and is a flight risk. She is not ready for school yet, as told to me by her psychologist and senior therapist. Elizabeth is a joy and an absolute treasure; and it breaks us knowing that she will only receive 45 mins a day under the new plan. It means we will have to take drastic measures to ensure she gets the help she needs to continue to thrive. It means possibly selling our house; or one of us quitting work to care for her the other 7 hours of the day that isn’t provided through the new OAP; or ooooh - how about this! We tell our three other high school/college aged children that we can’t help them with their post secondary education, because that money that was put aside will now need to pay for therapy. Tough decision. We will do what we need to do though to make sure that she gets what she needs, and we will not stop advocating for her, and all the other kids out there. What other choice is there?

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