Age: 9
Provincial Riding: St. Catharines
Davin is loving, caring and compassionate towards his family, friends and animals.
Davin has a little sister whom he loves with all of his heart. Davin is gifted in math and is a critical thinker. He does not conform, and that's one thing that makes him so unique.

Davin's struggles began in JK, before that he presented as neurotypical. He has struggled through school each year and has not received adequate resources to help him to become successful. Davin is able to mask well and this has resulted in him not receiving a diagnosis till close to his 9th birthday.

Now Davin is sitting in limbo. Davin is on the OAP list and has never received therapy of any kind. Schools also don't have enough resources, so he also doesn't get what he needs there.


What will his future look like? What are the chances that he will lead an independent life?

The new OAP plan will delay Davin's ability to receive appropriate and adequate therapy and services needed to for him to grow, flourish and bloom.

We are the 100% and Davin has the right to receive services to help him develop into an independent contributing member of our society.

How can you help?

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