Age: 9
Provincial Riding: Guelph

I wanted to share a little bit more about my wonderful son Charlie and our family of four.

Charlie was diagnosed with ASD last year around this time. We had been struggling with school since the time he started school at age 5. Charlie has a lot of anxiety and has needs that our middle to upper class family can not afford without funding. My husband and I both have full time jobs with benefits and they will not cover even a fraction of the cost of the support Charlie needs due to his diagnosis. We need psychological, social, and peer supports. Charlie will now not be able to attend his very favourite stem camp in the summer because we cannot afford the support person he needs, he will not get the therapy he needs to be successful at navigating social situations. My fear is that because of these funding cuts Charlie will not finish school, not attend post secondary education and not be employed as an adult. Charlie is is 2E child - he is also gifted. Without access to the funding we thought we would be getting I cannot see how we will be able to support his needs at this critical point in his life.


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