Age: 7
Provincial Riding: Whitby
My 7 year old son Caleb has been in ABA therapy for the past 4 years. We were fortunate to acquire private funding for the first 2 years and received government funding for the past two years. ABA therapy has made a huge difference in Caleb's life. Therapy has helped him to have meaningful conversations, be able to print legibly, play with his little sister, have more gross motor control and coordination, and get dressed independently. He started at 20 hours a week but as he made gains over the years only needs 2 hours a week to practice turn taking and social skills. All children with autism should have access to this important therapy so they can reach their full potential and become more independent adults. The new OAP will not be beneficial to any child because it will not provide enough funding for any meaningful ABA therapy. It should be needs based and not based on age or income.

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