Bryston Proulx

Age: 3
Provincial Riding: Nickel Belt
Hello my name is Paige Proulx , I have two boys, Nashton and Bryston. I am a single mother. Nashton is four years old and has ADHD, my three year old son, Bryston, is among the 23,000 children on the OAP wait list. Bryston was placed on that waitlist in September 2018. Never having dealt in any way or any knowledge at all, about autism, it's been a learning process for myself and all my family. My son Bryston is non-verbal, he has sensory issues, he only eats pablum and finger foods, only specific ones. He sees a Dietitian, Pediatrician, Occupational Therapist, Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, and goes to wordplay all on a regular basis. I have been shuffling between all these appointments and now with these cuts I feel like our government is shooting us down. Being told there will be cuts in funding is devastating. Having done a lot of research on autism, I now know how crucial IBI And ABA therapy is for my son as well as other children who need this therapy In order for them to function independently and become a contributing member of our society as well as impacting their quality of life. This therapy support should not be determined by age or family income, it needs to be based on needs only, realizing some needs are more and others needs are much less. These cuts to the IBI and ABA therapy will have an immense repercussion within schools, homes, and also future economy. That $5,000 check will not tempt me to sacrifice my son's future. I would rather wait for a program that adequately support my son's individual needs. Our government has been sneaky and deceitful. Not even willing to talk things over to find a solution. They represent our children on our buck, the taxpayers, and don't consult in any way with the people involved. How can this be the government that represents the good people of Ontario? Please don't let my son and the 23,000 children on the waitlist down! It's never too late to change the right from wrong and represent our children the right way! Live up to your job title Ontario minister of children, community and Social Services! Act accordingly! Remember you're representing Ontario's children, all the children and these numbers are growing!

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