Age: 5
Provincial Riding: Kitchener Centre
My daughter was diagnosed with autism just before she turned three. She is considered moderate. We waited just over 1 yr for the diagnosis.

She started in IBI therapy at kidsability in Dec 2016. She has been these ever since, recieving 22hrs of therapy. The gains have been amazing. She went from a few words to talking and holding conversations. She is now toilet trained, has learned how to play with others and play in general (she used to be very rigid and just lined up toys) she has learned how to deal with any changes in her surroundings and has learned many coping skills. She is just learning more about emotions.

Brooklyn will lose this therapy in June. Unfortunately with our family income and our other 3 children we will not have enough money to put her in any ABA programs. I am not sure yet how we will use the money.

I am devastated that Brooklyn will be losing her support as will I. Right now I have a team ready to help me and my family with any issues and soon I will be on my own in supporting my daughters complex needs. I am a certified elementary teacher and I do not feel able to provide her what she needs. Even with taking all the workshops and learning as much as I can from watching her therapists work with her.

I am also devastated for all the little boys and girls that will never recieve the level of support my daughter has. They will never see the gains n their children like we have. From where we were as a family in 2016 to now is a huge difference. I want that for others.

I think we do need a choice if parents want direct service (like kidsability) or if parents want money to use private ABA or speech, OT, etc. Whatever the child and family needs. Any program needs to be based on the needs of our children. Teachers are not able to be therapists to our children, they are there to teach 20/30plus kids, which is already hard enough and now they want them to learn how to be therapists for ASD children.

I really hope something changes and that waitlists can be shortened and still allow everyone to get what they need. At least when you were on the waitlist there was a light at the end of the tunnel that was worth waiting for.

How can you help?

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