Age: 3
Provincial Riding: Vaughan - Woodbridge
Ava is my 7th child and only special needs child. Ava was born 4 weeks early and right from birth we noticed she seem to get viruses and other things faster and held them longer than our other children. At 21 months she she was behind in developing speaking only about 10 words but we weren't that worried because some kids just talk later. Ava ended up with pneumonia after getting croup off her older sister it ended up being double pneumonia and she was admitted into hospital on oxygen for 6 days I stayed with her the whole time but after that everything changed her pneumonia got better and she stopped talking completely and Interacting with her siblings or anyone other than me or her dad and even that was different she stopped playing all together she wanted everyone to leave her alone and she didn't talk. The dr helped me get her into speach and we got her assessment with a developmental pediatrician and received the diagnosis of autism level 3 for communication and level 2 for repetitive behavior we where put on the waitlist for the oap in August 2018 the same month she turned 3 and Ava needs ABA which is alot of money which I cannot afford being on odsp for depression and anxiety. I am definitely willing to wait for her to get the proper services she needs. Thank you for reading

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