Aristea Konstantopoulos

Age: 12
Provincial Riding: York - Simcoe
Aristea is 12 years old with Autism and has been waiting 2 years for service. We had expected her to recieve DFO in March, 2019. Aristea is highly verbal and articulate. She struggles with dysgraphia, executive functioning, self regulation, theory of mind, processing speed and an ocular motor delay. Someday she will be the primary care giver for our 10 year old autistic son.

Aristea requires Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Social Skills groups and an ABA tutor to help her manage her academic challenges. She has attended countless classrooms in effort to find the right supports to allow her to learn in her own individualized way. Aristeas DFO is vital to her continued learning. As she will one day care for her brother, her supports are imparitive to ensuring her future success. Because of our situation, the new funding announcement condemns the future for both of my children.

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