Anthony Konstantopoulos

Age: 10
Provincial Riding: York - Simcoe
Anthony is 10 years old and has moderate severity autism. He is nonverbal with emerging speech. He struggles significantly with self-regulation at school and in crowded places. He has considerable sensory issues and is unable to attend school for more than half a day. Anthony also has severe food allergies. He has an airborne allergy to corn and wheat making it almost impossible for him to participate in many neurotypical activities. Anthony has been receiving DFO for approximately 2 1/2 years. This funding has been life changing and has given him Opportunities to learn to communicate understand the world around him. It has also provided a learning environment where he can begin to understand concepts he is unable to access at school. Anthony’s funding has just been cancelled due to the new Ontario Autism Program. Without this funding, we will not be in position to provide him with the 20 hours a week he currently receives. These hours are vital as we have no other family support. Our daughter who also has autism will be his primary care provider. She has her own significant challenges and is currently on the waitlist. (2 years)

Our goal is to further Anthony’s understanding and ability to become independent with life skills to lessen the burden on her later on.

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