Age: 12
Provincial Riding: Pickering - Uxbridge
Our son Angelo was diagnosed with Autism when he was 3 1/2 years old (2 months before his younger brother was diagnosed). As concerned and active parents wanting to help our son we put him on the waitlist to recieve IBI right away. He waited 4 long years but while waiting, we did what we could and paid for private therapy for him and his brother at that time. Angelo JUST started in the new OAP and now he has to stop in 3 months.

Angelo is a very smart and kind hearted boy. We receive complements all the time about how helpful, well behaved and sweet he is to others. Unfortunately along with his diagnosis though comes challenges. Although Angelo is verbal, he struggles with expressive language, social interactions and with fine and gross motor activities which has resulted to a low self esteem. He's been also bullied in school because of these challenges.

IBI can help Angelo to improve to reach his full potential so that our beautiful son can live an independent life and contribute to our world! My husband and I are both sad and upset about the changes in the new OAP and worry about Angelo's future, especially after we pass on.

As a parent and tax payer I believe Angelo and all the other children who need scientific evidence based therapy deserve their time in IBI to learn basic skills so they CAN be successful in a mainstream school and in life.

Our family is blessed to have Angelo in our lives and God has made him our son and brother for a reason. PLEASE let him live peacefully by giving him the tools he needs ?

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