Age: 10
Provincial Riding: Haliburton - Kawartha Lakes - Brock
This is Alex. Alex is ten years old, he is non-verbal and has severe autism. Alex was diagnosed at two years old and has waited six years of his life on waitlists for therapy. Alex suffers from digestive issues and seasonal asthma that he canít communicate, he knows no danger and canít be left alone (even in bedroom) unless he is sleeping. He requires 1:1 at school and in therapy. He received service once before the changes to the Autism Program in 2016 and has now been in service for eight months. During this short time he has learned to dress himself, brush his hair, use utensils, clean up his dishes and wipe table down, identify and match common objects, begin using an app to communicate, regulate behaviour for himself and towards others, and most recently said two words. His therapy is taught by a certified therapy team and is done in a methodical way in which he learns. Under the Ford governments changes to the OAP his treatment will end in three months and he will not qualify for meaningful needs-based therapy. His behaviour could regress and the chances of him learning other basic life skills, or ever communicating his needs will be minimal. Please contact your MPP and let them know that cutting funds to the most vulnerable in this province - children with special needs, is not only devastating for the children and their families, but also despicable and will not be tolerated.

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